Marketing With Unicorns: What is Influencer Marketing?

Christina D. Warner
3 min readAug 26, 2021

Influencer Marketing is a marketing technique that uses social media influencers to promote or advertise a product. It is marketing through the use of the influencer’s credibility and authority, rather than by using traditional advertisement.

The goal of Influencer Marketing is to expand the reach of a campaign while also increasing engagement rates.

There are three types of influencers: micro, macro, and mega. A micro-influencer has up to 10,000 followers on social media channels whereas macro-influencers typically have several hundred thousand followers. However, in this article we will focus on mega-influencers who have more than 100 million followers on their social media channels.

Influencer marketing can be a very effective form of marketing if done correctly. The main factors which contribute to its success are as follows:

  1. Define the goal you want to accomplish with influencer marketing.

What are you looking to achieve with influencer marketing? Are you looking to increase sales, improve brand awareness or get feedback on a new product? You need to focus on one goal before starting your campaign.

2. Identify your target audience.

Use social media, forums, and blogs to find those who are interested in the niche you are targeting. They will be your influencers. You can reach them through their email address or Instagram handle.

3. Create a list of potential influencers who have the same target market as you. Research their content, followers and demographics.

To go about finding influencers, there are a number of platforms available like FollowerWonk, BuzzSumo, and Tapinfluence which can help you identify them and connect with them.

Do your research: The first step is to conduct thorough research about the influencers that are available for you to work with. What types of content do they post? What other brands do they work with? What are their demographics? How big is their following?

Use social media platforms: Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube can be very useful for finding potential influencers. Look for hashtags that are related to your brand or product

5. Craft your pitch email or proposal and send it out.